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Attorney Crystal Eller

I was born in Amarillo Texas in 1966 to Robert and Judy Eller. My family was what most would call “blue collar”. Dad was a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. Mom worked as a bookkeeper. Neither of my parents graduated high school, much less went to college. Nor did they have the money to pay for me to do so.

When I decided to give this college thing a try, I knew I’d have to work full time and raise my own money. Student loans? What? I never heard of them. My parents raised me under the philosophy of, “if you can’t afford to pay for it… you can’t have it”. The idea of borrowing money to pay for something simply didn’t occur to me as an option.

While fully supporting myself, I completed college with no debt, by waitressing and bartending. I graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology in 1990. I received a partial scholarship to begin law school in Miami, Florida. I transferred to John Marshall Law School .

  • Upon needing a modification on our home our path lead us to Crystal Eller. We felt very comfortable and confident with her and her staff. For over 2 years they worked very hard for us and gave us assurance that they can help save our

    Rhonda Baier
  • So Grateful!!!! Crystal and her Husband Tom and the absolutely amazing Emily enabled me to get past my tragedies of the last year and move forward with my life! Experiencing the loss of my husband had left me in an emotional and financial mess. Not only did they expertly handle a short sale of my house, but also went to bat for me over a serious traffic violation. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated every one at Crystal's office who went above and beyond to reassure me and were always available to guide me through this process! Thank You so much!

    Kayla Hergott
  • I got a traffic ticket years ago, and a friend referred me to Crystal. She was able to dramatically reduce the fine and charge of my tickets, and has been

    Alex Klein
  • I'm incredibly grateful that someone pointed me to Crystal Eller when I needed legal assistance. Crystal took a very challenging situation and made it much easier to bear, both legally.

    Ross Black
  • Crystal is the best attorney and friend I"ve ever known. I was injured in a car crash and she went after the insurance company to pay out the full amount. Time after time.

    Carol Pitchios
  • I met Crystal Eller five years ago during the height of the mortgage meltdown. I simply wanted a modification of my home loan with Countrywide. She had..

    Tricia Cherise
  • Crystal Eller is hands down, the best attorney I've ever had represent me. If not for her and her knowledge of the judicial system, I could have lost my career and.

    Ethan Erhardt
  • Crystal Eller is wonderful. She is a very real person and listens very carefully to what you need her to help you with. She is

    Bianca Paris

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