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After resigning from the City of Las Vegas, Crystal decided to get involved with the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program. More information about the foreclosure mediation program can be found here.

Nevada is the leader in the country for Foreclosure Mediation Programs. Crystal strongly believes that if parties can meet face to face at the table, the chance of reaching a compromise both can live with is so much higher. She began representing many of the major lenders in order to learn why they seem to be so reluctant to work with home owners. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the “banks” really are willing to work with borrowers to keep them in their homes! Having an attorney like Crystal Eller with the right knowledge and experience gleaned from working with and for the lenders can be invaluable in helping you reach your goals if you find yourself in a foreclosure or potential foreclosure situation.

Crystal will also tell you that the Mediation Program is NOT the only one way to attempt to resolve any problems you may be having with loan repayment. The banks are offering more and more options to homeowners every day. They WILL often work with the borrowers outside the mediation program as well as in it. Having the right representation by your side can make the difference between as successful modification negotiation and a denial.

Furthermore, a modification may not even be the best option depending on your situation. There are other programs available, such as short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure and cash for keys. You have probably heard these terms by now, but having an advocate like Las Vegas mediation attorney Crystal Eller on your side to make sure you understand them and make the best of decision for you and your family, can bring peace of mind and great relief in difficult times. The laws are changing very quickly. There are “mountains” of regulations, rules and policies involved in every one of these cases. Let Las Vegas mediation attorney Crystal Eller help you sort through it and find the best solution for YOU!

Ending 2015, Las Vegas was leading the country with number of homes underwater. This information assures that there will be more families that will possible find themselves in the mediation process with their lender.

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