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Traffic Tickets

I have defended literally hundreds of traffic tickets for my clients. In my Judicial position as Traffic Commissioner , I heard thousands of cases. I have experience with all the local courts including Boulder City, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas Municipal and Las Vegas Justice Court. If you had a traffic ticket in the City of Las Vegas and came to Traffic Court in the last three years, you have already met me while I was on the Bench!

Things you NEED to know…

Warrants: Traffic tickets can turn into a very serious matter if ignored. Traffic Warrants are REAL arrest warrants and you can be arrested at any time if your case has gone into warrant status. I can quash your warrants and give you peace of mind usually within a day or two of being retained. Don’t keep looking over your shoulder! Call me, and let’s see what we can do to resolve ANY traffic matters you have.

DMV: Every time you are convicted on a traffic ticket charging you with a moving violation, the Department of Motor Vehicles puts demerit “points” on your driving record. The amount of points is determined by the type of offense you are charged with. If you receive 12 or more points in a single year, the DMV will suspend your driver’s license. In addition, automobile insurance companies use the “points” as an excuse to raise your premium rates or in some cases cancel your coverage altogether. For more information on the number of points that are attached to each charge visit the Nevada DMV web site.

Also, there are several offenses that will trigger an AUTOMATIC suspension of your driver’s license if you just “pay the fine”, including Reckless Driving or No proof of Insurance. Even if you bring insurance back to the court “after the fact” and get the fine reduced & your license can still be suspended by the DMV unless these things are handled correctly! It is VERY important that you speak with someone who knows the consequences of each of the choices you are faced with, so they can assist you in making a truly informed decision. Your attorney needs to know the best way to help you avoid getting “points” and protecting your driving privilege.

Fines: The fines for the same offense, can differ GREATLY from one Court to another. In addition, the various Courts have very different policies regarding their willingness to reduce fine amounts. Also, some Courts will allow the “points” to be reduced without you having to attend traffic school depending on the charge and your past record. Make sure the attorney you hire is familiar with each court’s fine amounts, policies and procedures.

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